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How does ShareLive broadcasting work?

ShareLive brings the revolutionary new LiveU professional broadcast
system to your personal event.

Now you too can have a totally mobile, high-quality LIVE broadcast from almost anywhere.

Wedding in a beautiful outdoor garden? No problem!
Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel? We are there!
Your group touring an historic site? Yes we can!

And everyone watching - anywhere in the world - see the action as it's happening!

Totally Mobile!

The LiveU technology is a totally mobile, wireless broadcast system. With ShareLive and LiveU, your video photographer doesn't have to be plugged in to a fixed location like other systems do.

This means that the video photographer at your wedding can move around freely throughout the wedding hall, and can capture all those precious moments wherever they happen. In fact, the LiveU system can even broadcast LIVE high-quality video from a moving car!

Just think, with ShareLive now you can even share the excitement of the drive to your wedding - LIVE - with all your friends!

High-Quality Video - LIVE!

Television and news networks broadcast only the highest quality video to their millions of viewers. Networks have chosen the LiveU broadcast system for mobile high-quality live broadcasts. Television news stations are now using the LiveU broadcast system instead of satellite broadcast systems. ShareLive brings the high-quality, professional LiveU system to your event!

What will your guests actually see? Go to the Demo Broadcast page to see for yourself!

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