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If you are planning a joyous occasion, ShareLive enhances the event with a live broadcast that brings more people to the event - virtually and in real time. Beyond the video capability, we also provide additional services such as two-way text, voice, video communications (coming soon), and Facebook connectivity, as well as the ability for online guests to purchase gifts (coming soon).

If you are planning a business or organizational event that needs a live broadcast with mobility, we offer the solution. Talk to us about our packages for conferences, meetings, fundraising events, and other professional activities that can benefit from a live and mobile broadcast.

Let people be close from afar, participating at the moment that your event is happening. Contact us today to learn about all the ShareLive benefits - from the technology to the affordable packages.

Send us the details of your event or call us:
New York Office (718) 766 7895
Israel Office +972 (0)77 736 8000

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